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Matala and its surroundings offer additional attractions and opportunities for guests who want to experience more than just a beach day.
The hiking trails start directly at the hotel. You have the opportunity to walk through olive groves, mountains and plateaus. Ambitious hikers however prefer hiking through fields and orange groves on lonely roads to Kalamaki or Pitsidia up to Sivas. Take a break in one of the taverns. These routes require 1 to 2 hours one way depending on the individual speed.


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If you prefer water sport activities like snorkeling, diving or wind surfing, go to Komos Beach.

The golf course of the "Crete Golf Club" is located about 65 km away. You can reach it easily by car in about one hour.

We definitely recommend a rental car to explore the surroundings on your own. You get a small car depending on the season already for under 40 € per day. Sometimes substantial discounts are possible for longer stays. We assist and inform you about special offers and opportunities.

You will be thrilled by the impressive rugged nature, bizarre rock formations and the beauty of a landscape. Only about 20 minutes away from Matala, you reach the beautifully located village of “Agia Gallini”. This place is still  one of the special experiences of your holiday. By strolling through the narrow streets of the village you will enjoy the variety of shops. Many small taverns invite you to linger. Or visit the idyllic Spili middle of the mountains, surrounded by a beautiful landscape and impressive mountains. One or perhaps even the most beautiful city of Crete Rethymnon is a 1-hour drive, a unique historic city center, as well as the lively port.

Matala is also an excellent starting point to explore several attractions of the ancient Greek and Roman culture and history. The excavations at Phaistos, Agia Triada and Gortys are only 6 to 20 km away from Matala. The well-preserved and partially restored excavation will captivate you and put you back in an ancient time.

The excavations at Knossos are within an hour's drive. Knossos is the best reconstructed Minoan facility on Crete island. A number of important artefacts can be found in the 2014 newly renovated Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.


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The two small district towns of Tymbaki and Mires - about 15 minutes drive away - embody the flair of small Greek towns. Busy but also quiet with nice cafes, the perfect place for quiet contemplation. Sitting here, you can watch the hustle and bustle on the streets.

Weekly markets days take place in Tymbaki on Friday, Saturday in Mires. Numerous stalls offer a variety of fruits, vegetables as well as clothing, tools and everyday necessities. Highly recommended are the “souvlaki skewers”, Greek specialy which can be smelled from afar by the incomparable aroma of meat on charcoal. The two markets are well known and attract tourists and locals alike.

What you can do more in Matala


  • visit the herb-shop in Listaros
  • each week you have the possibility to hear greek and international music on the main place in Pitsidia and also you can dance together with the musicans (monday and friday)
  • not only for children a great experience is a visit to the "old donkeys" in Agia Marina Donkey Rescue. Family Doulyerakis take care there sacrificially, 365 days a year, to old donkey that are no longer useful as working animals. The family is offering rides for children or visits to the farm, we can arrange for you a visit appointment. A small financial gift to the funded only by donations project is well received by family Doulyerakis.

Matala Highlights with fixed dates


  • Street painting in the complete village of Matala   2023: 
  • Hippiefestival in Matala     2023: from to
  • Rakifestival in Pitsidia (on the first saturday in october)
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