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Weather / Informations

Crete in the spring:

Have you ever thought about visiting Crete in a quieter time. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the lush pastures of the island. A better time for hikes or long walks you will not find, the temperatures are pleasant, the sun shines and everything is very quiet. Visit the excavations in the area of Matala - such as Phaistos, Gortyna and Agia Triada. Discover small villages, still being in "hibernation" and enjoy a Greek coffee on the Platia.

During the day, for example in the beginning of may the temperature is about 23 ° C to 28 ° C. Enjoy the sunshine and the still quiet taverns whose hosts are looking forward to start the season and are happy for each guest. If it should be too cold at night to sit outside the taverns, you can drive to Sivas, about 5 km away. There the restaurants have opened the whole year.

If this is the kind of holidays you prefer and not just to spend your time at the beach, please send an email to our hotel. In spring 2024 the hotel Neos Matala will be opened beginning of may.

We are looking forward to your inquiries.

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